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We buy and sell dedicated parts extractors used in die casting and foundry applications for removing castings from die casting machines. Major brands include Rimrock, Snair, Italpresse and Idra, of these the most utilized machine is the Rimrock 195 floor mounted extractor.


Major manufacturers of Automation include:  Acheson, Advance Products, Chin Yen AutomationRimrock, Rimrock/DieKast, Buhler Automation, Colosio Automation, Frech AutomationGerlieva Spuhtechnik, Idra Automation, Italpresse Automation, LK Automation, Lama Automation, Prex Engineering, SPESIMA GmbH, Shamrock Automation, Snair, TecnoPresse, Toshiba Automation, Ube Automation and Wollin.

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