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We Buy & Sell Used Aluminum Glow Bar Furnaces

We are a dealer that Buys, Sells and are a Supplier of used glow bar melting and glow bar holding furnaces for non- ferrous alloys such as aluminum. Glow bar furnaces also known as Electric Reverbatory wet bath furnaces are commonly used when ultra clean metal is required in the casting process. One example would be for melting 1100 series aluminum alloy for electric motor rotor applications. As there is no combustion in the melt area metal quality is maximized. Heating is via Silicon Carbide Heating Elements in the roof of the furnace. Major brands include FW Schaefer, Lindberg-MPH, Dynarad and others.


Major manufacturers of Melting and Holding Furnaces include: AllthermCal-Miser, Dynarad, Falcontrol, Fort Wayne, Furnteck, FW Schaefer, Gasmac, HiTEQ, Kozma, Lindberg, Lindberg MPH, Meltec, Metamag, Modern Equipment, MPH, Nabertherm, Rauch, Rayteq, SAF, Solleco, Stotek, Striko Westofen, Striko-Dynarad, Thermal Specialties, Thermaltek, Thermtronix, Unitherm, Warwick and Windsor.

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