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Die Cast Machinery, LLC Appraisal Services

The die casting industry is very specialized. Whether you need to know the value of a single piece of machinery or an Appraisal Servicesentire plant, you need the advice of people who understand both die cast equipment and the industry. Perhaps you may need to determine the value of a single piece of equipment that you are either considering leasing or that is coming off of a lease. Perhaps you are looking to finance an existing operation or a new facility.

Whatever your needs, you can trust that we understand the values of all the machinery and equipment in a die casting plant. Whether you need to know the "Value-In-Place," "Fair Market Value," "Orderly Liquidation Value" or the "Forced Liquidation Value," we can assist. We encourage you to read the Biography section of our website to learn more about our expertise in the world of die casting.

On a daily basis, we field phone calls from both lenders and die casters seeking help with machine and equipment valuations.  We are always happy to help. By offering a  broad range of services, including;

  • Verbal opinions of value
  • Desk-top reviews
  • Marketing analysis
  • Full appraisals

Our 60+ years of industry experience make the appraisal process an easy one for our customers. For more information you can contact us by phone, fax or by email using our Contact Us form.

Below are some of the major brands of die cast related machinery we have appraised.

Prince Machinery Buhler Idra Presse
Frech Muller Weingarten Corporation Italpresse
HPM Corporation Kux/Wickes Toshiba Machine
Ube Industries, Ltd. Toyo Diecasting Machines Ex-Cell-O B&T
Birch Machinery Harvill Machine, Inc. A & J Machinery (AJ Machinery)
Lester Engineering National Diecasting Machinery American Hydracast
TCS THT Presses Inc. PacMar, Inc. (Pac-Mar, Inc.)
Buhler Prince Techmire Ltd. Dynacast
Fishercast Triad Speedcaster Zitai Precision Machinery
LK Machinery Company DeeJay HMT
Triulzi Wotan Polak
Colosio KDK Machine Company, Ltd. Vihorlat
Lama Automation NTP    Kuka
Striko/Dynarad Cleveland Automatic Machine Kawasaki Robots
ABB-ASEA Brown Boveri Rimrock Automation Advance Products Corporation
Fanuc Snair Automation Wollin
Yasnak/Motoman Spraymotion Shamrock Automation
Regloplas Advantage Sterlco (Sterling)  
QPC  Robamat   Gerlieva 
Ajax Tocco Arrow-Acme Corporation Cal-Miser Aluminum Systems
Dynarad F.W. Schaefer, Inc.  Falcontrol
Hi T.E.Q., Inc. Lindberg/MPH Solleco  
Metallics Metalworks Striko
Modern Equipment Company Thermaltek  Warwick
Mettec  Stotek  Yxlon 
Arun Fluke  Lake X-Ray
Mark Industries Phillips Cincinnati Test Systems
Siefert Spectro Analytical Instruments SpectroLab
BCP Wheelabrator Corporation Pangborn Corporation
Bronco Cold-Jet Disa Goff Corporation
Gibson Guyson Robopres 
Corsteel Hydraulics Inc. Denison Die Cast Press
K.R. Wilson, Inc. Kard Corporation Metal Mechanics, Inc.
Hannifin Press Company Quantum Reis
D-M-E Fondarex Mokon
Nichollet Process Engineering, Inc. Samsco, Inc.  Semco 
Visi-Trak Corporation  Accurate Manufacturing Ltd.  Acheson
ADCT - All Die Cast Tooling  All Die Cast  Almco 
Ardi ARL Applied Research Avnet Machinery 
Baird Blast Cleaning Products Ltd. Bonal Technologies, Inc.
Dake DiLauro Inc. Dimo International Ltd.
DJ Machinery  DTI - Die Tech Industries, Ltd. E.A. Doyle Mfg. Corporation
EMB Company, Ltd. Engelhardt Fisher
Gasmac, Inc. Giant Finishing Equipment  Hauser Custom Casting Machinery
Hishinuma Machinery Co., Ltd. Horla  Hunziker 
Hydracast Producer U.S.A. Inductotherm Industrial Innovations Inc.
J.A. Kozoma Company Jeng Fong Iron Works Co., Ltd.  Jet Wheelblast Equipment 
Kard Corporation  Kemp  Keystone 
Lake Erie  Nabertherm   Neff Press, Inc. 
Producer Company, Ltd. Pyrotek, Inc. Rex Buckeye Company, Inc.
Rosemont Industries, Inc. Roto-Finish Seco/Warwick Corporation
Shanghai Die Casting Machine Works Stahl Specialty Company  Sterling Detroit Company 
Surftran  Sweco, Inc.  T.G. Branden Corporation 
Thermo Jarrell Ash Corporation  Tiocco Filtration Systems  Toyo 
Tymac Controls Corporation Thermtronix Corporation  Ultramatic Equipment Company 
V.J. Technologies Viking Corporation Wedgelock
Wedron Flux Westofen GmbH Will-Bros Manufacturing Company
Abrasive Blast Systems American Air Filter Berger Strahltechnik
Blastec Bronco Blast C.M. Surface Treatment
Carlo Banfi Konrad Rump OMSG
Schlick Torit Turbotecnica SPA
Vogel and Schemann Walther Trowal Zero
Buhler Auomation Frech Automaiton Gerlieva Spuhtechnik
Idra Automation Italpresse Automation Spesima Automation
Toshiba Automation Acheson Colosio Automation
Brown & Sharp Carl Zeiss DEA
Mitutoyo Numerex Urpe
Renishaw Agrati BSK
Cannon TCS Hishanuma Ajax Furnace
Fort Wayne Furn-Teck Meltec
Metamag Morganite Rauch
Rayteq Thermal Specialities Unitherm
Westomat AEC Budzar Industries
Chromalox Colortronic Delta T Systems
Frigel Shini USA Single Temperiertechnik
TempTek Thermal Care Thermocast
Tricool A.W. Plume C.P.C Group
Empire Ilinden Kurtz
LPM Group Osaka Giken (OG) LPM Group
OMC Vacuum Shotscope Angstrom
Hilger Labtest Leco
DME Birch Trim Press  D&D Trim Presse
Die Cast Press Trim Press Diessepresse Trim Press Greenerd Trim Press
Greenlee B&T Trim Press Italpresse Trim Press Kurtz Trim Press
Kux-Wickes Trim Press Leader Engineering Trim Press LK Machinery Trim Press
M&N Trim Presses Modern Trim Press Multipress
Prince Trim Press Quantum Trim Press Savage Trim Press
Southern Engineering Sterling Trim Press Sunrise
XAVIS PIXI Ube Automation
Maha Vision SPESIMA GmbH
National Equipment Dandong Aolong Chin Yen Automation
Nikon Willick Reis Automation
TCS Trim Press Tecnopres Toshiba Trim Press
WEKO Trim Press Rosler XLO B&T Trim Press
Andrex Bosello GE Inspection Systems
North Star Imaging Seifert VJ Technologies
Gloss Meter GNR