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Financial Services For The Die Casting Industry

Financial Services For Die Casting IndustryWhether looking to finance a single piece of equipment or an entire facility, we are here to help. Though we have no financial ties to any lending institution, we do work with the best lenders in the industry.

On a daily basis, we receive calls from lenders considering financing die cast machinery. They are usually seeking our opinions regarding forward-looking values, typically 1, 3, 5 and seven year projections of market values. Accurate information allows them to offer competitive rates.

If you are considering leasing a piece of machinery or would like to change lenders, give us a call. We can assist by connecting you with lenders that know our industry. This is not a profit center for our business, we simply believe that if we can assist people in the die cast industry connect with the financial institutions that service the industry, it will benefit us all.

We have no allegiance to any particular lender and are not a "one size fits all," operation. For some companies, the right fit might be General Electric Capital Corporation (GECC), while for others a small "boutique" leasing shop might work best.

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