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Our Services

We are the global leader in the procurement and sale of second hand die casting machines. If what you're looking for exists in the world of die casting we either have it in stock or can find it for you.  Whether you need one machine or many, our turnkey service makes purchasing from us easy.   Once you’ve chosen your machine or equipment, we arrange any or all of the following, based on your needs;

  • Cleaning and/or painting
  • Dismantling (if needed)
  • Crating for  overseas shipments ( along with all customs paperwork and bills of lading, etc.)
  • Safe transport by professionals
  • Unloading at your location
  • Machine placement and set-up

Our comprehensive services which include: facility appraisals, financing, plant liquidations and sales of on-going businesses. We are a service oriented company that is dedicated to help you find the right machine(s) for your application and budget.

As the largest buyer of used or second hand die cast machinery and equipment in the world, our 60+ years of experience have developed our keen insight and comprehensive knowledge of the global market

die cast appraisal financial servicesAppraisal Services

On a daily basis, we field phone calls from both lenders and die casters seeking help with machine and equipment valuations. We are always happy to help. By offering a broad range of services including;

  • Verbal opinions of value
  • Desk-top reviews
  • Marketing analysis
  • Full appraisals

our sixty plus years of industry experience work for you. 

Financial Services

On a daily basis, we receive calls from lenders considering financing die cast machinery.  If you are considering leasing a piece of machinery or would like to change lenders, give us a call. We can help by connecting you with lenders that know our industry.   Read More...