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Used Rosler Abrasive Shot Blast Equipment For Sale

We Buy, Sell, Appraise and are a Supplier of used Rosler shot blasting machines and equipment. Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a dealer specializing in second hand Rosler blast equipment. We stock many types of blasting equipment including spinner hangers, tumble belt barrel blasters, table type blast machines, wire mesh belt blast units and overhead monorail conveyor blast machines.

We buy, sell, trade and auction Rosler abrasive shot blast equipment worldwide

Die Cast Machinery, LLC buys and sells Rosler shot blast machines worldwide used in the die casting, foundry and forging industries. Common types of abrasive blast equipment that we typically stock and sell includes: indexing spinner hanger shot blast machines, monorail conveyor hook type spinner hanger "merry-go-round" systems, turnstile spinner hanger blast units, batch type manganese steel belt tumble blast (Tumblast) machines, batch type rubber belt barrel tumble blast (Tumblast) machines, continuous flow through-feed barrel type tumble belt machines, continuous flow barrel blast machines, table type blast machines including multi-station rotary table units, fixed and swing table blasters, cabinet type bead blaster, pass thru wire mesh conveyor belt shot blast machines, continuous production through-feed blasters and drum blasting machines.

We also sell specialty machines designed for robotic abrasive shot blasting of intricate castings and forgings using six axis robots; this method can be a cost effective solution for processing delicate hard to blast parts. Many of the above machines also work well with shot peening applications to provide a specific surface texture preparation. Custom blast rooms are sometimes built using multi-wheel blast wheels for special applications.

When it is time to repair, upgrade, rebuild, retrofit, re-manufacturer, replace or add new shot blasting capacity to your facility, why not consider a good used Rosler blast machine? When you consider the cost to upgrade the electrics, PLC controller and mechanicals on an existing blast machine, it is often much less expensive to buy a good quality used Rosler machine from us. Our prices are often better than buying at auction or on EBay.

If you need to locate a good technician to work on your shot blast machine, give us a call. We have a list of experienced technicians and contractors worldwide and are happy to share their contact information. For assistance with rigging, moving or shipping a blast machine, let our years of experience and the long list of service providers we have compiled help you. We have sold and moved blasting machines to locations all over the world.

Die Cast Machinery, LLC purchases and sells shot blast equipment worldwide. We have conducted business in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Hungary, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

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Rosler blasting equipment is manufactured in Untermerzbach, Germany