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We Buy & Sell Used Stotek Furnaces Worldwide

We Buy, Sell, Appraise and are a Supplier of used Stotek furnaces. We are a Dealer specializing in Stotek furnaces. We buy and sell all brands of aluminum melting & holding furnaces, magnesium melting & holding furnaces and zinc melting & holding furnaces.

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We sell Stotek Furnaces worldwide

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a dealer that specializes in second hand Stotek furnaces. We buy and sell all major brands and types of non-ferrous foundry furnaces for melting and holding Aluminum alloys, Magnesium alloys and Zinc alloys. This includes high efficiency wet bath reverberatory furnaces, dry hearth furnaces, high efficiency stack melting furnaces, tower melting furnaces, shaft melting furnaces, stationary furnaces, tilting furnaces, tilting barrel furnaces, gas fired crucible melting holding furnaces, electric resistance heated crucible melting holding furnaces, high efficiency aluminum holding furnaces and dosing furnaces.

We also sell support equipment for non-ferrous melting operations including ingot preheaters, liquid metal transfer ladles a.k.a. “Bull Ladles” for use with both forklifts and overhead hoists. Liquid metal pumps for transferring liquid metals, recirculation pumps used to increase the efficiency of melting furnaces, portable degassing units, flux injection units, ingot molds and sow molds.

When you need to upgrade your non-ferrous melting or holding furnaces, add additional melt capacity or want to integrate the latest technologies such as dosing furnaces into your operation why not consider a good used furnace from Die Cast Machinery, LLC? Used melting and holding furnaces from Die Cast Machinery, LLC have the advantage of quick delivery and competitive pricing.

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