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We Buy Negative Pressure Hot Oil Heater Units | We Sell Negative Pressure Temperature Control Units

We Buy, Sell and are a Supplier of Portable Negative Pressure Hot Oil Heaters and Temperature Control Units. We are a dealer specializing in used portable Negative Pressure hot oil temperature control units. We regularly stock negative pressure heat transfer units in single zone and dual zone configurations. Negative Pressure Hot oil units are commonly used to pull oil (suck the oil) through your tooling, molds and dies using vacuum vs pushing oil using pressure. This can be advantageous for several reasons, especially if your tooling is cracked or damaged. Negative Pressure Hot Oil Units (NPHOI) are commonly used in injection molded plastics, extruded plastics, extrusion, blow molding, plastic film, foundry and die casting applications for preheating and maintaining tooling temperatures. They are also used in process industries including food processing, petrochemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.

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