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Conducting Worldwide Die Cast Factory Liquidations
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Die Cast Machinery, LLC is the worlds most experienced company at conducting Orderly Liquidations of die casting factories. Over the last 25 years Steve and his staff have conducted over 60 die casting factory liquidations with many hundreds of die casting machines sold. You can view a list of some of our past liquidations by clicking here. Our company is intimately familiar with all items used in die casting factories including high pressure die casting machines, trim presses, automation, melting and holding furnaces and related support equipment, die temperature control units, x-ray machines, spectrometers, CMMs, waste water treatment, machining and material handling.

What is the difference between conducting an Orderly Liquidation vs. an Auction? Orderly liquidations usually take place over a three to five month period of time. Often the orderly liquidation process begins while the factory is still in production. Machines and equipment are sold for "future delivery" (usually in a few weeks). This allows the sales process to have a longer window of opportunity to sell equipment. Also, buyers have the advantage of watching the machines in production. Buyers are willing to pay more money when they can see the machines operating. Orderly Liquidations typically have lower costs than auctions. What does an Orderly Liquidation process look like? Once and agreement is made, our staff will spend one to three days onsite. During this visit we will obtain all of the technical information on the machinery and equipment in the factory. This allows our staff to build dedicated, custom web pages for each item we are selling. We will also take thousands of pictures and live video of your machinery. The combination of technical information, pictures and live video is the backbone for each machine being sold. We the go back to our office and start building webpages. We have very automated, custom built software to speed this process. We can typically produce about 200 webpages per day. While the webpages are being produced our video people start producing videos for the major pieces of equipment. When completed, those videos are posted to YouTube and other Social Media websites and are also inserted into the inventory pages using what is call IFrame technology. As this part of the process is completed we start working on our email marketing campaigns. We have over 8,000 contacts in our database that work for die casting companies around the world. This mailing list allows us to very rapidly "reach out" to the global die casting community. Additionally, because most of these die casters know how extensive our list it, it causes them to respond rapidly when we start a liquidation. They know that if they don't step up and buy a machine then somebody else will.